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ive been sitting back

2008-06-17 00:12:27 by fuJUtwice

and watching all these wack em ccccccccccccccccccccccccc's to many on ng way to many

oh and btw fellas does this look like a man you know as mercury? no, so please let a n***a sip on his drank thank you bitch's.

ive been sitting back


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2008-06-17 01:12:42



2008-06-19 03:05:18

yea deff lotta them
you kno i aint hatin on ya boi right>?

fuJUtwice responds:

cant tell by the message you sent him


2008-06-21 00:29:02

Wack mc's is a problem yes. But i cant stand attention seeking hypocryts who say shit then take it back...whats the name for people like that again? oh yeah

*fake ass 989 wiggers on the internet hating on the few hot MCs we have left on this crumy site.*


2008-06-21 13:04:26

yeah i saw that dude aint got balls to talk to merc. what a bitch let see him step to him on the mic and watch merc rip em you see his picture man.


2008-06-22 11:55:48

I can go off the top of the head and name a good amount, but ego's won't let them believe the truth.

fuJUtwice responds:

love your beats and flow bro you need to drop more tracks


2008-06-26 04:28:55

hey there mercury yo d errrrrybody thinks im you we the new lejins so to speak.

fuJUtwice responds:

wow maybe i got to put up a new track or change my internet hairstyle


2008-06-27 13:09:26

Fuck whack rappers...sack tappers...miggity mack flappers?? LOL


2008-07-22 20:49:52

I'ma buy you.... A DRAAAAAAAAANK. I dunno, just thought of that "Cute With Chris" video on youtube. Shit funny as hell.


2008-07-31 19:43:07

Ask Druid. He knows if Merc has a big fat juicy cock.


2009-05-06 17:54:01

LOL you looking kinda broke homeboy LMFAO step it up

fuJUtwice responds:

nigga merc left ya mouth broke nigga


2009-08-29 20:10:45

what the fuck is a broken needle.that bitch rhymes sucks


2009-08-29 20:12:08

i agree with ctownprince